A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Game Dev's Quest One Mechanic Game Jam 5.

Small prototype of a music rhythm game. 

Two downloads available. 

BeatsByManBeardGames.zip is the entry submitted for the game jam.

 beats-postomgjam.zip is some code cleanup and small changes done to the game post jam. Most visual change for players is that the animations are more in time with the audio and there are attack combo animations for notes in succession.

How To Play

Skeletons will move toward the attack zone. When they enter the attack zone, press the attack command to attack them. If you do not attack them, then they will attack you, reducing your health.  If you attack them too early, you will lose health as a penalty.

Lose all your health, and it's game over.

This is a music rhythm game, so everything is timed to the beat.  Keep the rhythm with the song and you'll be fine.


The game can be played with a controller or with a keyboard.  Only tested using an Xbox 360 controller.

The A, B, X, or Y buttons are all your "action" button.  You can use either of them to attack, or when asked to press a button

The Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows are all your "action" button. You can use either of them to attack, or when asked to press a key.


Forest Background
Created by itch.io user Edermunizz

Created by itchi.io user Rvros

Created by itchi.io user Jesse M

"Electronic Message" by SunnYz

All other artwork by me

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAristurtle Dev
Made withMonoGame
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Download .zip. Extract somewhere on your computer. Run the OmgJamFive.exe application.


BeatsByManBeardGames.zip 19 MB
beats-postomgjam.zip 14 MB


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Beats is a pretty good time for a game just under four minutes long and only needing one button. I always enjoy a good rhythm game of this nature, and I think a good job was done with this.

Good job, dev.

Hey, I just saw this for the first time. Let me apologize for missing this until now. I wanted to say thank you for the video, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Out of the few game jams i did last year, this was the one that really stuck with me, so I'll be fleshing this out further into a full game.  

It's fine. Some people don't respond or see vids at all sometimes, so it's cool you said something even after time passed. Good luck making this into a bigger game. I'm curious how it'll turn out.


this is gonna haunt me for a while.. :p

lol, good job though.